Why Kiln Dried Timber?

What is Kiln Dried Timber?

Kiln Drying is a highly effective process for the drying of timber, which uses automated equipment and precisely controlled heat, airflow and humidity environments to remove maximum amounts of moisture from the wood in a shorter period of time.

The process ensures that the end product is top quality firewood with a moisture content at least 20% or less. 

Advantages of Kiln Dried Timber

Kiln Dried timber delivers much more consistency in quality and moisture levels when compared to air dried logs, and takes much less time to fully dry.

Kiln Dried logs guarantee maximum burn whilst always being quick and easy to light. 

In fact, Kiln Dried Firewood can produce up to 30% more heat per kilogram.

This makes them more efficient & sustainable, as well as more friendly towards your wallet!